Association to Assist Persons with Emotional Lesions
Non-profit organization to help people with BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder (*)
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The AAPEL's mission is to help people suffering from "borderline" personality disorder as well as their family and others who are close to them.
Borderline sufferers are in no way intellectually deficient but they are adults who are emotionally disturbed and whose behavior may
sometimes seem excessive, childish and immature.
Borderlines are born with an innate biological (?) tendency to react more intensely than others to lower levels of stress and sometimes to take longer to recover. We often speak about Emotional Dysregulation.(highly emotional)

Relations with BPD people can be extremely chaotic due to their "emotional storms" and impulsivity
They are unable to have a "normal" life, spouse, childrens, friends with "real" lasting relationships ...
Their life is a true suffering because they show to the entourage an appearance of "normality". For peoples suffering from this disorder, behavin like "everybody else" for any length of time is a role which they act,  whereas they are in a state of real distress.

They are victims of their emotions
This disease affects about 3% of the population but is sadly, predominantly unknown to the public in French speaking countries.
What’s more, some Mental Health Providers in French-speaking countries, as well as in other countries, either do not know about it or are
badly informed.(*)
The worst of it is that this disease, as opposed to many other mental illnesses, can be treated, and sufferers can be cured and can
lead a full and fulfilling life .(Warning - disclaimer)
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helping Us

At one time, you may have come across a person suffering from this personality disorder. (often without knowing this word)
We see certain things but we feel powerless to do anything about them.

The truth is that there is always something which we can do.
As neighbours, parents, friends and relations, there are many things which we can do to help prevent this disease before it “sets in". It
begins during childhood and even small things can make a difference in the life of this child or young adult.
And once the disease has set in and real suffering is taking place and it’s too late for prevention, then we can still change certain things to
help the sufferer find a treatment and be cured without stigmatising them in any way.
We must act to prevent the worst because unfortunately, some patients do not hesitate to choose the "worst solutions " to put an end to their suffering.

We are of course looking for volunteers able to assist us in this "crusade".

Patients, ex-patients, the family circle, mental health providers, general practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, lawyers as well as anyone who feels concerned about this disease.
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Stay Informed

Yes! I would like to know more about the way I can help to prevent the disease and help those who suffer from "borderline" personality

But also (especially?) become member of the association

You can also contact us

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Contact us

We do our best to be easy to reach, despite our meagre resources
Please use the forms adapted to your request and only use email for other enquiries

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(*).French Non-profit organization conforming to a law passed in July 1th, 1901 and the decree of August 16th, 1901
(Organization created in 2OO2 Statutes modified in prefecture of Lyon, august 2OO6- Statutes )..

(*) Citation of the american psychiatric association (APA) : "Borderline personality disorder is the most common personality disorder in clinical settings, and it is present in cultures around the world. However, this disorder is often incorrectly diagnosed or underdiagnosed in clinical practice..."

(*) Citation of BPDCentral Q: "My therapist doesn't seem to know very much about BPD. What should I do?"
A: "Your therapist is very typical. If you read this entire site, you may know more about BPD than the average therapist. In addition, your therapist may suspect BPD, but not have mentioned it" (all rights reserved)

(*) Citation of Tara APD "Borderline personality disorder (BPD) may be among the most stigmatized of mental disorders. It is often undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or treated inappropriately... Doctors and the psychiatric community continuously trivialize BPD or deem these patients non-treatable, often refusing to treat them. The public is by and large unaware of BPD.
Families of people with BPD receive little or no help in understanding BFD or in coping with their loved ones with this disorder". (all rights reserved)

(*) Citation of Borderline UK "Unfortunately, there are still health professionals in the world who regard personality disorders as basically untreatable"


Reviewed in Psych Central,,HealingWell Editor's choice AwardWinner of Golden Web Award 2003-2004,

(*) Warning / Disclaimer:
This is the web site of the AAPEL, non profit organization
All the information in this site is aimed at helping people understand a "rather particular" and puzzling kind of "disease"
But more especially, to support everyone affected by it, sick or not.  In any case, it is ESSENTIAL to see a therapist who specialises in this field they can confirm or give an alternative diagnosis
The name of what you’ve got doesn’t matter so much, getting the right treatment for the right patient does
(This web site include the AAPEL organization's global view as well as, patient's or non indivual's stories but also many specialist's view as well as results of many scientific studies published all over the world over the last 20 years)

Our site is made with fund of the aapel's organization and it is sponsorship free. We don't receive funding from advertising.
Privacy policy: We take the issue of personal privacy very seriously. Please take a look at our "code of ethics"
In accordance with the law "informatique and liberte" Jan 06th 1978, you have an access, modify and cancel right to your informations by contacting the aapel's secretariat
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We have to keep in mind that the behavior must be repetitive and occur from a long time (months or years)