Borderline : The borderline personality disorder (bpd)

What is it ?.(*)

In simple terms: "A person suffering of a borderline disorder swings between adult's behavior and disturbed childish behavior. The adult behavior of the Borderline can suddenly collapse without apparent provocation resulting in tears or a seemingly infantile show of anger"
In a nutshell: "My auntie she'is little girl in a woman's body"
To be a little more realistic, we can say "They have tendency to react more intensely to lower levels of stress than others. It can be seen as Emotional Dysregulation or emotional hypersensitivity, highly emotional",(non-medical definitions)
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How do you identify a Borderline disorder ?
Does this describe you or describe someone you know ?
" But... Why did he/she act like this ? "
If you or someone you know regularly shows at least 5 of the following points, it is possible that he / she has this disorder (regularly)
Preconceived ideas and misinformation about these people : Statistics : Want to know more, you know nothing ? I will suggest you to read... .
Glossary (in french)
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(*) Off course regularly. We talk about regular feelings, recurrent problems. For example, everyone has been anxious in his / her life, the question is to know if anxiety is an integral part of your / his / her life or not.
This test is NOT a diagnosis. Example  "I have 8 points, do I suffer of a borderline disorder ?" Our answer is that "only a specialist could confirm or denie this, in all case you discribe yourself with traits"


All the information in this site is aimed at helping people understand a "rather particular" and puzzling kind of disease
But more especially, to support everyone affected by it, sick or not.  In any case, it is ESSENTIAL to see a therapist who specialises in this field they can confirm or give an alternative diagnosis
The name of what you’ve got doesn’t matter so much, getting the right treatment for the right patient does
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