List of questions & answers (FAQ) about the borderline personality disorder (*)
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What is the borderline personality disorder ?
What is a personality disorder ?
More precisely how do the symptoms occur ?
What are the alarms signs, the behaviors "odd" which can worry, they appear when and how?
What are the differences with narcissistic ?
Is it "having some problems" or "a true disease"?
Is it necessary to have all the symptoms to be "borderline" ?
We all are "borderline"
Is there any treatment ? cure ?
How we get this disease?
How to react when we face the patient, which behaviors to adopt and which behavior to banish?
Why not leave them in "peace" ?he or she lives "well" like that... he or she has his her "little happinesses"...
When I speak to him (her), he (she) says to me that he (she) is well, that he (she) doesn't have anything
I don't understand, they know that they are sick or not? And if they know this why they don't decide to see a doctor ?
How to convince him (her) to treat himself (herself) ?
Concretely what to do?
What are the possible scenarios if we do nothing ?


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All the informations on this site are with an aim of helping to understand a "particular" disease at the very least and puzzle
But more especially to support peoples who suffer, sick or not.  In all cases, it is ESSENTIAL to have recourse to a therapist specialized in the disease to confirm or to cancel a diagnosis
Though it is the name doesn't much matter, which is important, it is to apply "the right" treatment to each patient
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