Taking part to a "mini-Survey" in order to better understand if people diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder are emophane or not.
Do you have BPD and are you émophane?
Introduction :
I "create" the emophane which is for me a positive vision of the borderline personality disorder.
But, even if all the people suffering from BPD that I know see themselves in the emophany, I would like to go into the subject in greater depth and make some statistics on this subject.
For reminder, I think that people suffering of BPD are inside of them emophane.
("inside of themselves " because their behaviors can be diametrically opposite when they are in denial or splitting)
The opposite is not true, we can't say that the emophane are "borderline".
, president of the aapel
Questionnaire / "Survey"
This "mini-survey" is only for BPD diagnosed people... The others, those who are thinking they have a borderline disorder have also the possibility to fill it but their answers will not be counted for the statistics, the goal being trying to have the answer at the following question "Are borderline people emophane?"
(Please note, there is no "good" or "bad" answers, we are here to understand)
Thank you to fill all fields