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Letter of a Borderline patient
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I can't describe how I felt knowing that there were other people out there like me ...

I was diagnosed as BPD about 4 years ago while seeking therapy after my divorce. I don't even remember the therapist telling me, I just remember seeing it in my records or on a bill and thinking "oh, they just put something down there to get the insurance to cover it" kind of like previous therapists had done with "post traumatic stress disorder" for me. And at that point, all I had ever read about BPD was one paragraph in my college psychology text book, which didn't say much. I spent many years being treated for depression, drug addiction, and suicidal ideations. Nothing ever seemed to be working, I always felt like 'they' (doctors, therapists) were missing something. And I knew that my abusive childhood had a lot to do with how I am now, but that didn't help me figure out what to do about it. 

Now, here I sit, after reading a book on BPD that caught my eye in the bookstore, doing more research on this disorder. I browsed through a few websites and I was in tears because I was reading postings from people that sounded just like me. They could have been reading my mind, and I can't describe how I felt knowing that there were other people out there like me, that there is a name for this, and that there is help. 
I then found your site (it was listed in the book I bought) and when I found the section on how to tell if you someone you love may have BPD, I immediately sent it to my boyfriend who had just the day before moved to another state after living with me for 6 months. He would always say that I twisted things that he said, and lo and behold, that was about the 3rd statement on your list. I am now hoping that, with the help of your site, he will get some sort of understanding about what wavelength I am on, that I can get some help, and that we can put our relationship back together and I can put my life back together for both me and my children. 

Thank you so much, and keep up the great work, I hope you know how many people you have helped. 

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