borderline my fault or not ?

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Is it my fault I have the Borderline Personality Disorder?

Absolutely not. No one caused their own BPD. Childhood traumas, sexual and other abuse, adoption, early parental loss, head injuries including brain infections and attention deficit disorder are major factors. Genetics plays a significant role as well.

While you may not be at fault for your having it, you are 100% responsible for dealing with it. You need to become extremely educated about the BPD and get it treated. This Website has an enormous amount of information for you.

Borderlines can have a sensational, happy life if the right path is followed. They deserve that opportunity and that's what this Website is all about. They deserve to be successful in every important area of life.

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All the informations on this site are with an aim of helping to understand a "particular" disease at the very least and puzzle
But more especially to support peoples who suffer, sick or not.  In all cases, it is ESSENTIAL to have recourse to a therapist specialized in the disease to confirm or to cancel a diagnosis
Though it is the name doesn't much matter, which is important, it is to apply "the right" treatment to each patient