Asperger, high functioning autism or BPD disorder ?
Connection between borderline personality and asperger disorder. There isn't a lot of studies (euphemism) about this even if both disorder share common behaviors. You will find on the last part of this document our vision which we hope comprehensive and listening to the suffering
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Data, studies
What they say ?
Aapel view
Data, studies (statistics, prevalence, comorbidity, co-occurency)
* We found no study about BPD and Asperger's syndrome

Asperger, autims and BPD, what they say
"Aspergers disorder is a pervasive developmental disorder characterized by impairment in social interaction, restricted repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests and activitie. It is also differentiated
from the other pervasive developmental disorders (ie autism) by the absence of significant delays in language and cognition. In general people who suffer from this disorder are identified at an early age (school age).
... Other conditions such as the personality disorders could account for some of this behavior as well. Personality disorders like narcissistic and borderline may be considered." (HFHS MD-JM medhelp)

"Asperger's Disorder typically manifests through a deficiency or restriction in social skills and sensitivity (inability to relate or connect adequately, and inability to experience and express emotions fully) -- these are not characteristic of BPD" (Daniel c Claiborn)

"Asperger's and the BPD can co-exist" (Dr Heller)

"The most obvious distinction between Asperger's syndrome and Autistic disorder are the criteria about language delay and dysfunction. Lack of language delay is a prerequisite for Asperger's Syndrome, where as language impairment is a core feature of Autistic disorder" (Dr. Manaan Kar Ray)

"Asperger : Differential diagnosis includes autism, complex learning disabilities, schizophrenia-spectrum disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder" (nami.org)

"Body language or nonverbal communication may be awkward and inappropriate... Facial expressions may be absent or inappropriate... Affected children demonstrate several abnormalities in speech and language, including pedantic speech and oddities in pitch, intonation, prosody, and rhythm" (emedecine)

"Differences between Asperger's Disorder and 'High Functioning' (i.e. IQ > 70) Autism? It is believed that in Asperger's Disorder

"Discovery criteria for aspie.
If Aspergerís Syndrome was identified by observation of strengths and talents, it would no longer be in the DSM IV, nor would it be referred to as a syndrome
The diagnostic criteria for Aspergerís Syndrome and the defining characteristics of aspie are markedly different, although they describe the same group of people" (Tony Attwood MD and Carol Gray Sc.)
Aapel: Aspie is a positive scale to detect asperger's. You can read it at "The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding"

Aapel view of Asperger and Borderline Personality Disorder
Here is our feeling.

Is there some common points between asperger and bpd
yes. it is possible to find in both of them, impairment in social interactions, repetitive behavior patterns, failure to develop friendships, and a limited number of intense and highly focused interests, normal or even superior inteligence, etc...

Could we have both, BPD and Asperger ?
The answer seems yes

What is the prevalence of Asperger ?
In a survey published in J Autism Dev Disord. 2OO3, the rate of Asperger's is about 0.025% (2.5 / 10000)
(compared to 2% or more of BPD)

Is there some "big" differences between both of them ?

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