Borderline disorder (bpd), more than behaviour, "we are human"

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Borderline is a disorder, a diagnosis but people are not "borderline" !

It is very important to keep in mind that borderline is not a "thing". They are humans behind the disorder
There is no borderline people (even if it is easiest to say this). No there are people suffering of a borderline disorder
We can't resume a person only to their behaviors.
Very often we ear family or friend saying "This person destroy the family", no it is not this person but the disorder.

They have feelings, joys, pains and emotions (more than other peoples)
The main word could be EMPATHY
Family and friends should try to put themselves in borderline shoes, because borderline behavior (and borderline feelings) are not much more than bizarre exaggerations of normal behavior and feelings

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All the information in this site is aimed at helping people understand a "rather particular" and puzzling kind of disease
But more especially, to support everyone affected by it, sick or not.  In any case, it is ESSENTIAL to see a therapist who specialises in this field they can confirm or give an alternative diagnosis
The name of what you’ve got doesn’t matter so much, getting the right treatment for the right patient does

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