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Q. My 15 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with BPD. I am considering obtaining a second opinion, not only because of the seriousness of the diagnosis, but also because her father is very skeptical. 

Are there resources available to help me to deal with his attitude? My daughter has been hospitalized before for clinical depression and suicide attempts, but the criteria for this disorder seem to fit perfectly. I know we will be much better able to help her if she has the support of both her parents (we are divorced, but have both always been very involved in her life, and live in the same city). 

A. I agree with you that your daughter will benefit much more from her treatment if both of her parents are united (at least on this issue). In terms of a second opinion, in this case, it may be quite helpful in convincing your ex-husband that the diagnosis and treatment plan are appropriate for your daughter. Finding a qualified professional who can review her history, any medical records you have, and can conduct his/her own assessment will be critical in providing a good second opinion. Try to include your ex-husband in the process by either helping you to pick out the professional, attending the assessment in person, or by receiving a copy of the written evaluation. 


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